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There’s nothing I love more than using my passion for words to help organizations and individuals who have something important to say, but can’t quite put their thoughts into words.

The power of words, content marketing, blogging, copywriting, storytelling

A member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, I have a wealth of experience in corporate communications and copywriting and have been recognized for producing compelling content for:  websites, newsletters, blogs, email campaigns, media releases, brochures, webinars, presentations, radio and video scripts, case studies, advertisements and magazine articles.

I have a flare for messaging and a reputation for being able to communicate effectively on a wide range of topics, in a variety of voices and styles that resonate with different readers online, in print, in advertising and in the media.

My background in computer science also enables me to be to convey technical complexities in a way that non-technical readers can easily comprehend.

Please visit my portfolio for a selection of articles, media releases, brochures, blog posts and ads I’ve crafted for my clients.

If you need to find ways to harness the Power of Words for your content marketing, we should talk.

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