Using Digital Marketing to Grow Golf (Podcast)

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Using Digital Marketing to Grow Golf (Podcast)

Earlier this year I wrote an article about the generation gap between golf courses and their future players.  It caught the attention of Jeff Harrison from the Golf Industry Training Association, who invited me to participate in one of their Fairway Executive Podcasts.

Jeff asked some thought-provoking questions such as, “What one quote has inspired me the most in my career”.Do you Speak Golf?

But my favorite of all was…”If I found a magic wand, with one spell left, what would I make happen to get people excited about the game again?”
Check out the interview and then tell me what you would do with that magic wand?

The 2015 golf season is just around the corner and I wonder what this year will bring to the industry.  Will it continue to focus all its marketing and sales efforts on its installed based of core golfers and fall prey to The Innovator’s Dilemma?

If you have’t read the book, I highly recommend you grab a copy.  It talks about how difficult it is for some businesses to adapt to changing markets and how even the darlings of one decade can crumble the next because they cannot not get beyond sustaining to achieve the status quo, rather than innovating for the future.

It’s not at all about golf; it’s about the high tech industry, but the parallels are the scarily similar.

“Never give up; never surrender”, became a popular phrase in the late 90’s from Galaxy Quest.  And as silly as that movie was, that quote resonated with a lot of people like me.

Never satisfied with status quo, I’ve been called tenacious by past employers and stubborn by a few of those near and dear to me. But I like to think I’m just someone who likes to  think outside the tee box.

The rules of golf may forbid mulligans, but when it comes to pushing for innovation in how golf is marketed, I’ll just keep “hitting ’til I’m happy” fore the game.