Take the Guesswork Out of Timing your Social Media Posts

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Take the Guesswork Out of Timing your Social Media Posts

Social media doesn’t sleep, but your target audience does take naps, vacations and timeouts.  Knowing when your customers and prospects are active and interacting on social media makes getting your brand in front of them a lot easier.

best time to post on social media

The folks over at TrackMaven have put together a slide show based on data they’ve been collecting across the most popular social media sites.

According to their research more social media posts are published on Thursdays than any other day of the week.  Does that surprise you?

They also say that people interact the most in their social networks on weekends.  Really?  I was sure they were doing it at work around 3 PM – the time when we start to get bored, groggy, crave chocolate and need a break from our day.

There is some great data in this slide share, so take the time to go through it.

Now, before you go jumping into a new posting schedule, remember that one size [schedule] rarely fits all.  The demographic and location of your ideal client can make a big difference.

So find out when your unique target audience is active on each of your social media networks by regularly checking your Facebook Insights, Twitter and Google analytics, etc.

The more you know about their social engagement practices, the better your chances of getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT TIME.

Scheduling posts is easy with all the free marketing tools available today.  If you need help choosing the best one for you, just ask!