Stop Slogging at Blogging with 3 Simple Steps

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Stop Slogging at Blogging with 3 Simple Steps

Social media doesn’t sleep; it doesn’t go on vacation and it certainly doesn’t wait for you to be “less busy”.  So staying on top of it and keeping the buzz alive with your fans and followers requires lots and lots of creative, relevant and engaging content.

Okay, so where does all that inspiration come from to write quality content?  It’s everywhere – you just need to know where to look for it — or better yet, have it come to you…

Here’s my 3 step process for keeping your social media funnel full of great content.

Break Writers Block with Content Curation

Searching for inspiring content ideas shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Step 1: Adopt Aggregation

Every morning I browse the latest news about marketing and social media using aggregation tools/sites such as, Swayy or Alltop and read the stories that capture my attention.  I often do this in bed with a cup of coffee, or two if the news is really engaging.

Step 2: Save and Share

When I get to my desk, I share,  on the appropriate social media sites, the stories I think will interest my audience, giving credit to the original author and adding a comment of my own (those comments were inspired by the coffee :)).

I always schedule these posts using Hootsuite to keep the buzz alive throughout the day.  When the week’s over, I summarize the top 5 stories I’ve shared in my regular Friday’s Five Faves post.

Step 3: Create through Curation

Finally, I add articles with evergreen potential and those to which I can introduce a new twist or extra value  to my content calendar.   These are the inspiring ideas that help me generate new compelling content.  I hardly ever start with a blank page when writing a new post.   Because although content is king, it’s the queen of curation that saves the day in your content marketing kingdom.

So the next time you’re panicking over what to write about, why not grab a cup of coffee and head to bed. It’s not only great for the soul, it will do wonders for your Inbound Marketing program.

If you have other favorite aggregation sites or tools you like to use, or easy ways that help you keep the content funnel full, I’d love to read about them.