Media Relations

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Media Relations

Contrary to some of the buzz that exists in “social” circles, PR is not dead.  It’s alive and kicking in every newsroom in the world and still an effective way to increase awareness of your brand, products and key messages with…

  • The right audiences (e.g. customers, prospects, partners, investors and employees)
  • At the right time
  • In the right language

…through influential media channels.


elevate your brand with media relations

I have over a decade of experience positioning companies as leaders and change agents in their respective markets through PR and social media, and have been successful securing media attention in major publications, on TV, online, in print, and with influential bloggers.

Let me help you…

Develop Pitch Manage
  • Key messages
  • Media releases
  • Contributed articles
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Presentation abstracts


  • News to traditional media and bloggers
  • Speaking proposals to conference organizers
  • Contributed articles to publishers
  • Interviews with executives
  • Social media
  • PR calendars
  • Media and analyst relations
  • Social media
  • PR calendars
  • Media and analyst relations


Please check out my portfolio for a selection of press releases I wrote the media coverage I secured for some of my clients.  Then let me know how I can help you.