Guest Post: Marketing to Today’s Millennials On Social Media (Infographic)

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Guest Post: Marketing to Today’s Millennials On Social Media (Infographic)

There’s no shortage of information on millennials, the elusive generation who seems impossible to engage with. While there’s plenty of marketing tactics out there, today we’re going to focus on where you can find a good majority of them: social media.

We’ll look at some ways you can reach them on today’s top platforms, and then I’ll show you an infographic from onblastblog designed to give you the best tips on how to master each of the major platforms.

Connecting with Millennials on Social Media

With so much content present on social media, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Tack on the fact that mobile is the primary way millennials consume content, and you have a big obstacle to overcome. The key to understand what this generation prefers, and what they expect.

As an example, millennials don’t like anything that looks like an ad, but they don’t mind native ads that appear as sponsored posts on social media. If your posts mimic these types of sponsored ads and focus on a visually appealing and authentic headline, you’ll grab more eyeballs than a standard advertorial post.

The key term here is integration. Millennials want your content and your product to seamlessly integrate into, and ultimately benefit, their daily lives. Brands like Starbucks do this by allowing customers to place orders and pay via a mobile app before they arrive.

Even something as simple as answering questions and dealing with issues posted on Facebook or Twitter goes a long way towards showing users that you care about more than just their immediate purchase.

Beyond integration, authenticity is key. The fact of the matter is that many millennials won’t connect with your brand unless they feel connected to your brand’s image. Social media is the perfect place to create this image.

Harnessing Social Media For the Connected Generation (Infographic)

Check out the infographic below for a complete guide that will help you create and post content that is visually attractive and eye-catching for the millennial generation. Let us know how it helps you in the comments below!

Social-Media-Image-Sizing-Cheat-Sheet (6)

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