Golf Fore Gals

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Golf Fore Gals

Golf Fore Gals (GFG) is a unique multi-course golf club for women of all skill levels. Its mission is to offer women a fun, safe and welcoming environment to learn, practice and play golf in British Columbia and on Maui.

The Opportunity

In 2013 Golf Fore Gals (GFG) was looking to create a more engaging online presence for members and prospects by:

  • Offering a new, more engaging and user-friendly website
  • Growing awareness through local media relations
  • Partnering with more golf courses in the province
  • Launching a social media program to attract more members in BC and on Maui

The Plan – Inbound Marketing

I was engaged to launch an Inbound Marketing Program that included:

  • Content marketing (website, blog, enewsletters, contributed articles, brochures)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Contests)
  • Media relations

The Results

  • At the launch of its new website and mission to grow women’s golf, GFG received very positive media coverage from: The Vancouver Sun, The Sun Golf Guide, Inside Golf Magazine,  Golf West and Experience 50+ Living (page 30)
  • GFG’s social media presence has grown by 500%
  • GFG’s highly targeted prospect database is achieving steady growth through social engagement
  • eNewsletter open rate is over 60% with 10%+ internal click rate

“Gayle has been doing digital marketing, social media enrichment and public relations for Golf Fore Gals since 2013. All her work is outstanding – flawless. Gayle was key in the re-design and development of our website; if it wasn’t for her our website wouldn’t be what it is today. Her pull and push digital marketing expertise is the primary reason why gals are drawn to our website, and why her blogs and newsletters are so well received. Her use of colour, characters and humour in her marketing creates products that our followers love. How do we know? They tell us. 

Gayle’s knowledge of the golf industry shows – in her work, communication – verbal and written – and how she lives. She knows first-hand the issues women face in this male-dominated environment, and has helped us overcome some of the systemic issues the golf industry faces in engaging and retaining women in the game. I love working with Gayle – high energy, great producer, high standards and strives for the best for her clients and will not settle for anything less. I would recommend Gayle for anything she is interested in and puts her mind to.”

Diane Fru, Owner and President, Golf Fore Gals