Go Mobile Before you Go Mad

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Go Mobile Before you Go Mad

You followed the basics and set up a targeted content marketing campaign, but all this talk about mobile is a bit overwhelming. Don’t sweat it, here are a few simple tips on how to mobilize your marketing…


There are a ton of statistics that illustrate why moving to mobile is imperative if you want to reach your audience online.  And if this one graph doesn’t convince you, then I’m not sure anything will.

Mobile surpasses desktop

Mobile is now the leading platform for consuming digital content in the US by a whopping 60%.  More and more of your target customers are going (or have already gone) mobile.  You can’t expect them to come looking for you; if you want to talk to them, you need to be where they live…

“If we don’t connect with customers on their terms, they will go somewhere else. Period.” Greg Hickman


Now we aren’t actually predicting the demise of laptops in the next year or two, but one can’t ignore the momentous shifts from computers to smartphones, tablets and phablets.  And it probably won’t be long before we’ll be adding wearables to this list.

Besides the obvious advantage that they’re always on, and always on-hand (did I mention that 83% of Gen Y’s sleep with their smartphones?) there are a number of reasons why an increasingly mobile world is good news for marketers. Here are a few:

  • Lower Costs
    The efforts needed to set up mobile marketing promotions require just a few second-party advertising platforms –and when they do it’s often at a more affordable rate.
  • Behavioral analytics
    Mobile devices provide insights into behavioral tendencies and personal profiles, meaning that when somebody consumes your content through a mobile device you gain access to valuable data that will help you understand where, why and how your audience invests.
  • Easy Access
    With the ever-evolving mobile marketing apps like HootSuite, Evernote, Buffer and feedly organizing your feeds, content and social communications, your time spent staying connected with customers and prospects is lower and your impact larger.

Plus, mobile phones come with a built-in payment mechanism: the hallowed SIM card, which removes the inconvenient extra step between initial desire and commitment. Cha-ching!


golfgal.ca in mobile The most important step in mobilizing your marketing, is to make it mobile-friendly. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But we’ve all happened across those sites and landing pages that don’t display properly on our phones, or that re-route us to an app store before we can view any content.

With all the HTML5-based website solutions available today, creating a responsive website, one that adapts automatically to the device from which it’s viewed, is no longer a headache — but visiting an unresponsive site is.

Conform your content to the “surfing” nature of mobile use—where the viewer is always prepared to swipe, tap, or share.  And design it to be clean, not clumsy, in the absence of a mouse.

With a properly functioning site, the info snacking mentality of mobile users will lead to hugely increased page views and increased traffic to other mobile assets you might have.

And while you’re planning your meant-for-mobile content, keep video front of mind to reach the 28% of internet users that watch videos on their mobile devices each day.


People search differently on hand-held devices; partly because they’re accustomed to a short-form communication style, and partly because their devices already know their tendencies and filter information accordingly. What does that mean for marketers? Search optimization needs to consider mobile-specific behaviours.

Luckily Google Analytics has your back. A simple filter allows you to specify your analysis to mobile use so you can see what searches brought mobile users to your site.


Mobile engagement gives you incredible access to valuable data about your audience. But keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was implemented last year to keep spammers at bay in the great white north. Organic opt-ins are now mandatory if you want to connect with customers and potential prospects by email.

Mobile users are only willing to spend so much time trying to subscribe on their small screens–so make it quick and painless at their end.

Given that many smartphones are like appendages to their owners, inappropriate timing or constant interruption will irritate, not instigate the desired interaction.


It’s important to measure, analyze and optimize with any marketing campaign, and mobile is no exception.  But this particular domain also offers you a great opportunity to connect directly with those that are already engaged.

80% of consumers will change their minds about buying a product based on negative information they’ve read online—even if the product or service was previously recommended.  Remember, criticism is like a virus – it spreads faster and leaves a longer lasting bad impression.

Communicate with costumers about good and especially about bad reviews to remind them that there’s a real person behind their screens — one who cares about their customers.

Remember that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 7 times more than retaining one you already have.  So consider  implementing a loyalty program that encourages social sharing and positive feedback, by offering member-only incentives and benefits.  These are people who are already inclined to interact with your brand, so ensure that it’s in a positive and memorable way and reward them for their loyalty.


Now that you’ve got your water wings, you can start wading your way into these uncharted waters.  And remember I’m here to help if you feel you’re in over your head.