Business Planning

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Business Planning

Every business no matter how big or how old needs a business plan. Whether its main purpose is to attract investment, or set the goals, objectives and roadmap for your team, it must be documented, reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Excite investors, business planning

Planning for a successful business has many similarities to the game of chess.  Both require a leader/player with strategic vision and the ability to evaluate and adapt to the dynamics of the market and competition.

Business leaders are forward thinkers, always looking 3 steps ahead of where their businesses are today, so they can capitalize on “what’s coming”.

I’ve been helping visionary executives develop and document their business, marketing and strategic plans for the past 8 years.  Working with the key players in your organization, let me help:

  • Facilitate the development of mission and vision statements, company/product/service descriptions and key differentiators
  • Analyze the market, its size, trends, opportunities, risks and your potential share
  • Describe your target audience (the ideal customer)
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Develop your Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy, plan and budget
  • Execute a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis
  • Determine Key Success Factors and Performance Indicators
  • Write a compelling plan and executive summary