Twitter Treats, Facebook Fiddles & More!

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Twitter Treats, Facebook Fiddles & More!

Welcome to my Friday Fave Five for August 29, 2014. This week my top 5 posts in the wonderful world of Inbound Marketing covered industry news and some clever tips and tricks you may not know about.

Friday's Fave Five

Twitter Treats

The social media world was all a Twitter this week when the Social Giant’s Data Doors were opened, making Twitter Analytics available to everyone. I for one am thrilled by this news!

Until this week, only those Twitter accounts that were “qualified” to advertise on Twitter were able to see any analytical data. A number of my new small clients weren’t yet qualified and many of those who were, didn’t have the money to spend on Twitter ads (which are expensive when you start adding up how they charge for every follow, retweet, favorite, reply that happens on an promoted tweet).

But enough about the past, check out what Megan Marrs over at WordStream shared about the tasty data delights you can now enjoy with Twitter Analytics.

Facebook Fiddling

Remember when you were told to post pictures with URLS over link posts on Facebook because they would be given more prominence in the newsfeed? Well, not anymore.

Facebook in its infinite wisdom has decided that the reverse should be case, so now link posts will be given priority over image updates that have URLs in the captions.

Link versus photo posts in facebook

The more things change…the more they stay the same I guess.

But of course, they’re not done. Facebook is also cracking down on “click-baiting” – you know that marketing tactic we’ve all used where we write an enticing headline that begs to be clicked, without really telling the clicker what’s behind “door number x”?

Actually that change doesn’t bother me as the practice has been abused by some marketers, so I’ll give Facebook a LIKE on that.

For more info on these updates, check out Hubspot’s recent post where they talk about how their own study showed that “photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes and 104% more comments than the average post.” I guess Facebook didn’t read that study 😉

Enough with the news…here are some great tips I discovered this week on the blogosphere…

Cunningly Clever Facebook Ad Targeting

If you use Chrome, you need to check out this very cool extension that lets you scrape Facebook data and use it to target your advertising to people who LIKE your competition (or any other page on Facebook). I tested it out and it works like a charm!

71 Tantalizing Blog Titles

Here’s a nifty little infographic that will make writing your next blog post (and all others after that) a lot easier. As you have probably experienced, the hardest part about writing a blog post is figuring out what to write, starting with the headline. These tantalizing blog titles will help get you off on the right track and give you a headline that audiences will be much more tempted to click.

Content Marketing Made Easy with 15 Free Tools

Blogging expert Jeff Bullas really knows his stuff, so when he recommends something new, I listen. This week his selection of free content marketing tools include many from my own marketing toolkit, but he added in a few new screenshot, image and writing tools I hadn’t tried before. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Friday Fave Five.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!