Surprising Social Stats, Brainwaves & Demographics

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Surprising Social Stats, Brainwaves & Demographics

The social giants were sleeping a bit this week – no hair-raising headlines from them.  So this Friday I thought I’d share some insights that might surprise you and others delight.

Friday's Fave Five 1. Surprising Social Stats

Did you know that 75% of Twitter user purchase products online each and every month?  No wonder Twitter is slowly rolling out a BUY Button on selective tweets.

@burberry, @homedepot and @RED are all getting a chance to try them out.  Timing couldn’t have been worse for Home Depot as they just announced they were investigating a possible breach in their payment systems.  Ouch!

2. Social Media Isn’t Just for B2C Businesses

In fact, 79% of B2B marketers say social media is their most effective channel and that they are doing more and better marketing with less because of the power of social media and mobile marketing.   38 % of them also said they would spend more on social media if they had a larger budget.   Hey if something works, why wouldn’t you?

3. Social Media Demographic Study – Worth the Read

If you think that social media is just for the youth, think again.  Age and gender are leveling out; social networking is becoming more common across every age group in the US and gender isn’t a big differentiator.

Check out this very insightful study about 2014 Social Media Demographics. The full report requires a subscription, but even the summary data is worth the read.  And if you are interested in more data, just let me know.

4. Is Social Media Meddling with our Brains?

According to a new study, social media is messing with our heads.   Yup, according to AsapScience, addictions, multitasking issues, self-involvement and relationships are all being impacted by social media’s affects on our brains.

Check out this entertaining video.  Do you think you’re being brainwashed by social?

5. Social Media May be Meddling, but It’s Marvelous Too!

I’m already converted, but if you’re not…check out why social media is good for your business.

10 Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Business? (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

As always, I would love your feedback on these Fave Fives!  Comment below or feel free to contact me.