Spys, Sneaks and Snobs Headline Social Media

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Spys, Sneaks and Snobs Headline Social Media

From fiddling with our feeds to spying on our businesses through their apps, the social media giants have been very busy this week plotting and scheming to on new ways to fill their coffers with our cash.

Friday's Fave Five Facebook Messenger or Monster?

In August we discovered some disturbing news that the new Facebook Messenger App could mess with our phones and were shocked over the permissions Facebook demanded from us to use their service.

If you recall, Facebook insisted that it be allowed to infiltrate our phones and record audio whenever it likes or take videos, call numbers, send text messages, check our call logs, read our contact and personal data and even alter our network connectivity.  Needless to say, I don’t use that app.

Now we’re hearing that Facebook Messenger App is loaded with Spyware.  Facebook, I’m not LIKEing this!

Twitter Tampering with Tweets

But Facebook isn’t the only one smelling sneaky in social these days.  Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook with its plan to curate our news feed.  What does that mean for small businesses?  It means that your content may never be seen by your followers until you pay the piper by advertising on Twitter.

Twitpic Picked Up After Put Down

Last week we learned that Twitter took down Twitpic forcing it to shut its doors.  Many thought the demise would be short lived and they were right.  This week, Twitpic announced it was being bought.  Hmm…I wonder, Is Twitter is the new proud papa of Twitpics?

Seriously – Social for Snobs?

If the giants of social media are getting you down and you can afford to spend thousands on an alternative social network, maybe you should check out Netropolitan – a new social media site for the rich.  I can’t imagine forking out those kind of funds for fun, but I’d love to see what goes on behind that paywall.

LinkedIn Lessons Worth Learning

I’ve been on LinkedIn since its inception over a decade ago.  Oh man, am I dating myself!  It’s a great business networking site, but most people don’t really know how to exploit its powers.  Here’s a great post I discovered this week about LinkedIn Features you might not know about, but should be using.

Have a great weekend everyone!