Habitat Jam

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Habitat Jam

As part of the preparations for the third session of the World Urban Forum, the Government of Canada, in partnership with UN-HABITAT and IBM wanted to hold a first-of-its-kind, global 72-hour internet event called the Habitat Jam.

The Habitat Jam’s purpose was to facilitate a more effective and inclusive World Urban Forum 3, by engaging, empowering and stimulating tens of thousands of global citizens, rich and poor alike, with the ultimate goal of turning ideas into action on critical issues related to urban sustainability. habitatjam1

The Opportunity

Under incredibly tight deadlines, the Habit Jam needed to:

  • Enhance collaboration within a new global network
  • Bring actionable ideas from tens of thousands of people on the following WUF themes:

o   Improving the Lives of People Living in Slums

o   Sustainable Access to Water

o   Environmental Sustainability

o   Finance and Governance

o   Safety and Security

o   Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

  • Be inclusive (Include people who had no access to the internet)
  • Help refine the themes and agenda for WUF 3
  • Enable networks to occur among people who may never meet
  • Create a body of data to support on-going research

The Plan – Inbound Marketing

In just 3 months as Director of International Marketing, I built a team of consultants and volunteers with expertise in the Habitat Jam/WUF forum themes and,

  • Developed and executed the event project plan and marketing campaign for the event using Content Marketing, email marketing, webinars, channel marketing and PR
  • Engaged more than 450 organizations around the world as “network champions” for the Jam.  They helped market the event to a combined network of over 12 million people (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, World Bank, Sister Cities, TakingITGlobal, Slum Dwellers International, LEAD International, Huairou Commission, Environmental Youth Organization, to name just a few)
  • Recruited over 700 subject matter experts, dozens of high profile moderators (e.g. Justin Trudeau) and facilitators from around the world
  • Wrote the script, filmed all interviews in North America, edited all the content and managed the Habitat Jam Documentary from concept through production

The Results

An unprecedented success many thought was doomed failure, the Habitat Jam:

  • Engaged over 39,000 participants from 158 countries in a highly inclusive online event
Habitat Jam Participants by Affiliation
Slum dwellers 28.4%
Youth/Students 27.1%
Women’s groups 22.5%
Spanish & Francophone 6.8%
Non-Governmental Org (NGO) 2.7%
Academics/Research 2.5%
No affiliation 2.5%
Private Sector Business 2.0%
Planners/Architects 1.2%
Experts 1.0%
Other 0.8%
Government (other) 0.8%
Local Government 0.6%
Media 0.4%
Professional Institutions 0.3%
UN organizations 0.3%
Elected Officials 0.1%
  • Generated hundreds of actionable ideas that set the stage for WUF 3
  • Created new networks between people who might otherwise never have a chance to meet
  • Produced over 4,000 pages of dialogue for on-going research
  • Inspired IBM to partner with Library & Archives Canada and the University of Ottawa to raise money for a  Canada Jam

“Under impossible deadlines and significant resource constraints, Gayle Moss and her team delivered a highly successful online event which not only exceeded the expectations of the World Urban Forum 3 Secretariat, but had a major impact on the future of our cities and the role civil society can play in solving some of the planet’s most critical urban issues.”

Charles Kelly, Commissioner General, World Urban Forum 3