Snooze You Lose – Don’t miss this news!

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Snooze You Lose – Don’t miss this news!

Welcome to my Friday Fave Five! Every week I scour the internet for the news that could impact my clients. Some news is good – some bad – and some darn right ugly!

This week we’ve got a real mixed bag from some of my favorite go-to news sources. Check out what the social media gorillas are up to these days…

Friday's Fave Five

Facebook Foibles

Fan Gate Ban

This week Facebook turned the online marketing world upside down with the announcement that it is banning fan gates. Soon we will not be allowed “incentivize people to use a social plugin or LIKE a page”.

I have used fan gates many times for my clients who are new to Facebook. Let’s face it – it’s tough to get fans just by posting content. Fan gates combined with contests and targeted ads are very effective in gaining fans and generating leads.

So you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of this fan gate ban, especially for my small business clients with limited ad budgets. Is this just an ad grab by Facebook? Here’s what 17 “Facebook Experts” think.


News Feed Targeting

Another new Facebook feature recently introduced will allow organic page posts to target news feeds based on demographics, interests, location, etc.

Facebook Targets News feeds

On the surface it sounds like a good idea for keeping news feeds relevant, but I’ll save judgement until I am able to try it for my clients who are still waiting for the feature to roll out to the masses.


Google Gotchas!

Money Grab Galore!

This week’s news that Google is forcing advertisers to allow “close variants” on EXACT keyword matches has my blood boiling. I constantly exclude close variants in my Adwords campaigns because I don’t want garbage clicks that cost my clients money.

I’m not the only one up in arms…Check out how other Search Marketers are Tearing Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change.

Prepare for Penguin

Search algorithm updates from GOOG are always a double-edged sword. For SEO marketers it’s a windfall as their clients clamor to try and sustain their website rankings. But for small businesses it’s yet another distraction that costs money without adding much value to their bottom lines.

But it’s the cost of doing business online, so I recommend you read this article on how to Prepare Yourself for the Next Penguin Update.


Twitter Tricks

Have you noticed tweets in your timeline from people you don’t follow?  Well, it’s no accident. It’s Twitter telling you that it knows best what you should see.

Ha! You gotta love these social networks that want to play match maker between its members (NOT!).

Twitter says its goal is to “make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting”. My timeline is very interesting as it is, thank you very much Twitter. I don’t mind you offering this feature as a discovery option, but to just assume I want to see what you think is relevant for to me is going too far. Butt out!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s Fave Five and let me know if I missed one of your faves.  Drop me a comment below or contact me.