Facebook Force Feeds while Twitter Forces Out

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Facebook Force Feeds while Twitter Forces Out

Facebook and Twitter are once again headlining this week’s Friday Fave Five with some good, some bad and some darn right ugly news, with a surprising move by HootSuite that squeezed them in at #5.

Friday's Fave Five 1. Facebook Force Feeding

Did you know that Facebook now allows twice as many ads to appear in the News Feed? It doesn’t matter if the Facebook user has “LIKED” the brand or not – their ads may appear in the user’s newsfeed based on Facebook “algorithms”. Suddenly the newsfeed isn’t about what you want; it’s about what Facebook thinks you SHOULD want.

I am completely torn over this.

  1. As a user, I hate it – I want to choose what’s in my newsfeed.
  2. As a marketer for my clients I love the fact that their ads will presented to “prospects” that might be interested in what my clients have to offer.

What does that make me? DON’T ANSWER – I already know 😉

2. Clash of the Social Titans

Business Insider reported this week that Zuckerberg may be out to Threaten Google’s Search Domination

Facebook has been testing a tool that will allow users to search for posts using keywords. Not sure how successful this will be as I find its existing Graph Search somewhat disappointing, but one begins to wonder if we will become the collateral damage on the war between these social titans.

3. Twitter Trending Tweaks

Twitter has always treated its user base as lab rats, continually experimenting on the unsuspecting users with new features. Some never see the light of day for the masses, but this latest “Trend Box” feature which adds context to trending topics is something I’d like to see roll out – the sooner the better. WDYT?

If you were an early adopter of Twitter, you probably used Twitpic to upload your photos. It was a very useful app, but I hope you didn’t get too attached to it because it’s going the way of the dodo bird.

4. RIP TwitPic

On September 25th, Twitpic will be closing its shutters because Twitter has threatened to squash the 6 year old business like a bug if it doesn’t abandon its 2009 trademark application.

“Unfortunately we do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter to maintain our mark which we believe whole-heartedly is rightfully ours,” said Noah Everett, Twitpic found. “Therefore, we have decided to shut down Twitpic.”

5. Happenings at HootSuite

I’ve been using HootSuite for quite some time to manage social media marketing for myself and my clients. But the move by the company to acquire Brightkit surprised me.

I never thought of HootSuite as a platform for building campaigns (e.g. contests, sweepstakes, etc.). Curious to see if this catches on with their enterprise clients. Can’t imagine how it will integrate elegantly with their existing dashboard, so for me the jury’s still out on if this makes any sense.

Always love hearing your thoughts on this week’s digital news delights, so please share in the comments!